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Bringing measurable Commercial Acumen to Your Business....
Advanced Skills for Successful Negotiations

The aim is to provide delegates with advanced awareness of the Negotiation process and hone their winning skills.

Learning Outcomes
Building upon the Fundamental Negotiation Skills course, the training will assist delegates to understand how they should prepare and conduct a negotiation in the face of a mix of negotiation styles and ploys. The delegates will generate and discuss a preparation checklist and consider how to use the discussion to assess the other party’s position and approach. Also, the delegates will understand how to reduce tension in the meeting, how to overcome deadlocks and gain further understanding of the need and power of summarising questions. The importance of the proposal and the response to it will be examined and the delegates will consider the do’s and don'ts in this phase. Approaches and responses during the bargain and close phase will be reviewed. The delegates will be given information on how to recognize styles and ploys and how to counter them with neutralizing tactics. Time will be spent examining the negotiation of difficult situations and as with all other aspects of the programme there are practical hints and tips. The delegates will further review non-verbal communication.

Based on the 4 phase structured approach to negotiation the topics covered include:
  • How to Prepare
    • Checklist for preparation – The do's and don'ts
    • How to Discuss & debate
    • Assessing their position & approach
    • Reducing tension
    • Questions & summarizing
    • Deadlock & movement
  • Checklist for Discussion
    • The do's and don'ts
  • How to Propose
  • Making a proposal
    • Responding
    • Checklist for Proposals - The do's and don'ts
  • How to Bargain and Close
    • The approach
    • The response
  • Styles of negotiation
      Use of Ploys; Neutralizing ploys
  • Difficult negotiations
  • Non-verbal communication
    • Territories & zones; Palm gestures; Hand and arm gestures; Leg barriers; Eye signals
The module is scheduled for 1 day.

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Bringing measurable commercial acumen to your business...

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